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Reading reminder & silent auction

October trees in Brown County

October trees – Brown County, Indiana

For those of you who are local-ish to Bloomington, just a reminder that I will be reading TONIGHT at City Hall, along with Shana Ritter, Doris Lynch, and Sue Swartz. Details are in my post from a few days ago.

I spent this evening, while watching Twitter updates about what was evidently an incredibly good Springsteen show in Hartford, going through poems – reading a bunch of them to see which ones seem right together, reading them aloud a couple of times to practice and to time them, planning a setlist. I think that I will read four poems in the main set: Exhume (a creepy poem that feels appropriate for the end of October), Opening the Hive (a vaguely Sylvia Plath-inspired poem in honor of the Plath Symposium on campus this week), The Simple Math of Breathing (a nice uplifting sort of thing), and In Praise of Cheesy (which will hopefully end my short set with a smile). In case we have enough time to do a second quick read-around, I have a few extras picked out too, including one I’d entirely forgotten about until tonight.

Whether or not you’re able to get to the reading, here’s something to check out – the Bloomington Writers’ Guild is hosting a silent auction as a fundraiser (they need money to pay the filing fee to get non-profit status). Up for bidding are books and chapbooks by local Bloomington writers, including yours truly, and a couple of CDs by local musicians as well. Bidding will open at 6:00 pm EDT today (Friday, 10/26) and closes on Monday, October 29 at 6:00 pm – that’s not much time, so if you’re interested, make sure you check it out! You can view items and place your bids at www.32auctions.com/writersguildbloomington.

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