Here are links to my poems that have been published online.

2012 – “Night Language,” “Erosion,” & “South Shore” (Sweet)

2012 – “Breach” (Bluestem)

2012 – “The Roar the Day After” (Indiana Humanities; originally in New Madrid)

2012 – “History & Theory of Basements,” “Earthquake Weather” (diode)

2010 – “What This Poem Will Do” (Rattle)

2010 – “Free Hot Breakfast, Free Dreams,” “Road Trip Showdown,” “Intercepting the Supercell” (Verse Wisconsin)

2010 – “Flyover Country” (Bloom)

2010 – “Cover” (Hamilton Stone Review)

2010 – “Aero” (Tipton Poetry Journal)

2009 – “Blue Afternoon: The Middle Distance” (Coal Hill Review)

2009 – “The Fall of the Fearful Biped,” “Stitch,” and “The Animal in My Attic” (diode)

2007 – “Swallowed” (Valparaiso Poetry Review)

2006 – “Opening the Hive” (Blackbird)

2006 – “A Field Guide, A Map” and “Snow at Midnight” (Blood Orange Review)

2006 – “Sugar Hits the Highway” (Boxcar Poetry Review)

2006 – “One Goose” (Cortland Review)

2005 – “The Swarm” (Rattle)

2004 – “Questions About the Dead” (Stickman Review)

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