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A new blog over yonder…

Well, I know THIS blog isn’t exactly swimming in current updates, but I’ve started a new one nonetheless. Crazy? Maybe. The new blog, 5000 Miles, is specifically for me to write about my live-music-related travels (and of course the actual concerts as well). Here’s what I wrote on the “about” page for that blog:


It all started … Well, it all started years ago, really. But the idea for this blog started with this tweet, when I did the math and realized that I had driven over 5000 miles to see live music in 2016:

Which led to being contacted by a writer for the “Inside IU” newsletter, who thought it was interesting that I’d traveled that much for concerts, and asked if I’d be willing to be interviewed for a profile. (Slow news day, much?) When that was published, friends and colleagues told me they enjoyed reading it. I already had a (much-neglected) blog that included occasional concert reviews, but a couple of people suggested that I should write a more travelogue-type blog, talking about where I eat and stay and maybe travel tips for others who for some inexplicable reason aren’t in the habit of hopping in the car and driving a few hundred miles for a rock show.

So, why not. We’ll see how this goes. I’ll use this blog to write about the travel itself as well as about the actual shows. I’ll write a bit about the food I find along the way – though, fair warning, I am not really a foodie and I’m usually very happy with a plate of fish & chips and a local beer before a show, or whatever I can find near the venue. I’ll write about the travel, when I go out of town – the road, the hotels, whatever – and I’ll write about the venues, hopefully offering tips that may be useful to other concert-goers. And of course I’ll write about the music, though I make no pretense to being a critic.

It’s early in the year as I write this, and I don’t know if I’ll hit 5000 miles like I did in 2016 – but I’ve got some shows lined up, and I look forward to sharing the fun.

The highway is alive tonight…

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My Six Top Musical Moments of 2014

Musically speaking, I was a very lucky girl in 2014 – I saw some really terrific concerts, many without even having to leave my lovely smallish town. I tried, and failed, to come up with a Top Five Concerts of the Year listing – but how do you compare a teensy two-person show in a teensy dark little club in downtown Bloomington with a giant arena spectacular featuring approximately one billion E Street Band members and supporting musicians on stage? You really can’t, and yet that describes two of my favorite shows this year.

So I’m going to come up with a list of my favorite musical moments. Lots of great shows, but these were the moments that made my jaw drop, made me shriek with glee, made me hold my breath so as not to miss a note. These are in chronological order, because I can’t figure out how to rank them.

  1. Josh Ritter (at the Buskirk-Chumley in Bloomington), “In the Dark” With a small acoustic group, Josh Ritter gave an absolutely luminous performace for which I was lucky enough to be front row center. For “In The Dark” the stage and house lights were turned out and Ritter & band came out to the very edge of the stage to perform barely-lit and completely unplugged – risky, but an absolute goosebumps moment, stunning, filled with hush and echo. My first time seeing Ritter, and I was pretty well knocked out – does anyone else, short of Springsteen, perform with such an air of absolute joy? 
  2. Bruce Springsteen/E Street Band (at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati), “Lost in the Flood” One of the songs I’d never managed to hear live and had been longing for – had even brought a sign for it once or twice when I had a GA ticket. I’m grateful for the person who brought a sign for it on this night, and the song was just as ferocious and spectacular as I could have hoped. It transitioned right into “Because the Night,” a pairing perfect as any fine wine could offer. Honorable mention goes to “Dream Baby Dream” that same night, cellphones lighting up one by one in the audience till the arena was spinning with stars; honorable mention as well to Springsteen’s Nashville show, not so much for the show (which was excellent as usual, especially the darkest-encore-ever salvo of “The Wall”/”Point Blank”/”Born in the USA”) but for the spectacularly fun few days I spent with great friends there. 
  3. Amanda Shires/Jason Isbell (at Schuba’s in Chicago), “Mutineer” I was lucky enough to see this absolutely gorgeous cover of one of Warren Zevon’s greatest songs twice this year, once at an Amanda Shires show with Jason Isbell sitting in with the band and once at a Jason Isbell solo acoustic show with Amanda Shires supporting on fiddle & vocals. I give the slight nod to the Schuba’s performance, partly because it was my first time hearing it, partly because I was with friends who appreciated it as much as I did. I just want these two to sing me this song every night before I go to sleep so I can float away on a little cloud of bliss – is that too much to ask? Honorable mention: Isbell’s appropriately loud-and-sweaty show at the Bluebird in Bloomington, where he performed with his band the 400 Unit and blew the roof off that little club multiple times. As a side note, though both Isbell’s “Southeastern” and Shires’ “Down Fell the Doves” came out in 2013, I listened to them about a bajillion times in 2014 – if I had to pick two studio albums as the soundtrack of my year, these would probably be the ones. 
  4. Rosanne Cash (at Clowes Hall in Indianapolis), “Ode to Billie Joe” Again, I was lucky to see this multiple times – in South Bend, Bloomington, and Indianapolis. Rosanne Cash’s “The River and the Thread” shows, in which the first set consisted of the album played straight through followed by a set of other material, were a major highlight of my musical year. No, she hardly varied the setlist at all – but it was one of the most perfectly constructed setlists I’ve ever witnessed, so why screw around with a good thing? I’m sometimes skeptical of “album shows” but the album performed live creates a near-perfect journey, and then the second set pleased the audience with a number of Cash’s hits and old favorites. “Ode to Billie Joe” harks back to the landscape and themes of the album, and each time the audience initially responded with raucous applause as they recognized the familiar song – and each time, by the midway point of the song, the audience had gone absolutely still. Cash sings the song like it’s something she’s just witnessed and she NEEDS to tell you the story right now, and her vocal reveals the darkness and mystery at the heart of a song you’ve heard a billion times and maybe hadn’t really thought about. I give the slight performance nod to the Clowes Hall show only because that was the rowdiest audience so the transition to breath-holding silence was the most remarkable. Honorable mention to “Money Road” at all three shows, which closed out the first set with an unexpectedly ferocious – and entirely delicious – guitar rave-up. 
  5. Pearl Jam (at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis), “Imagine” This was my first time seeing Pearl Jam (I know, I know, about time!) and I was appropriately blown away by the energy and passion both onstage and in the crowd. The first encore opened with an acoustic set, kicking off with Eddie Vedder performing John Lennon’s “Imagine” for the first time at a PJ show – just Vedder on guitar and vocal with Boom Gaspar adding a bit of keyboard. My initial expectation was that it would be a bit cliché, but in that sold-out arena with thousands of voices joining Vedder’s heartfelt vocal, it became a real goosebump moment. Honorable mentions from this show: “Footsteps” which is just a fantastic song and didn’t let go of me for weeks following the concert, and the absolute no-holds-barred kick-ass rock of “Porch.” 
  6. Lera Lynn (at the Bishop in Bloomington), “Fire” Yet another cover makes my list. Lera Lynn was a favorite musical discovery this year; her album “The Avenues” has been making a lot of best-of-2014 lists for good reason. Her whole show at the Bishop was great and had that “you’re not going to be seeing this artist on a stage this tiny much longer” feel to it; I single out her cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire” mainly because it was not only a great cover (YouTube it; she does cool things with this song!) but because it was a real pivot point in the show – starting with this song the setlist went somewhat out the window and the audience interaction kicked into high gear. 

So that was 2014 – lots of other great moments too, of course. 2015 is shaping up nicely so far; I’ve got tickets for Iris DeMent, Keb’ Mo’, Glen Hansard, the Gaslight Anthem, and a U2 doubleheader in Chicago among others. As always I’ve got my eye out for announcements from my favorite artists and venues; in particular, I’m hoping Nils Lofgren will make use of some E Street downtime to play some stateside shows after his UK winter tour. (The Midwest would be lovely, but I’ll get on a plane for this one if I have to.)

It’s been a crazy year in the world, with a lot of things that just make me want to hide under my blankets and never leave my house again. Music helps. Ann Powers hit the nail on the head with her essay accompanying some best-of-the-year album picks. There are probably more important things in the world than so-and-so musician singing such-and-such song and giving me goosebumps – in fact, delete that “probably”! – but those moments kept me alive, kept me getting up in the morning, reminded me that the world is worth holding on to. And you know, that’s not such a small thing after all.


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Upcoming: Fourth Street Festival

Once again this year, I’ll be taking part in the Spoken Word Stage at the Fourth Street Festival of Arts & Crafts in lovely downtown Bloomington – reading for about 20 minutes at 2 pm on Saturday. Stop by if you’re in the area! You can find all the details on my events page.

Two years ago, it was about 93 million degrees outside during the festival, and without any shade, I just about keeled over while reading. I’m told I stayed upright, though I don’t really remember. Last year, the remnants of Hurricane Isaac dumped a ton of rain on us the weekend of the festival, and the Spoken Word Stage was cancelled. Here’s hoping for a wee bit more cooperation from Mama Nature this weekend, eh? (As of now it looks like 90-ish degrees with a 30% chance of rain, but this is Indiana, so who knows.)

I love the Fourth Street Festival; in 1979 when I was a starry-eyed freshman I stumbled into it somehow, and have managed to get to the festival every year since then, even the year I was recuperating from surgery and kind of stumbled through for a few minutes clutching my incision. I don’t always buy anything, but I wouldn’t miss this event.

Haven’t yet figured out what I’m going to read – lively and humorous poems tend to work better than ones that require quiet listening and contemplation, so… we shall see what I can come up with. I’ll probably read a couple of the poems about my fictional rockstar, and maybe some surprises, who knows?

Here’s the complete list of spoken-word performers for the weekend:

10:30 Alyce Miller (fiction)
11:00 Jack Ramey (poetry)
11:30 B-ton Storytellers Guild (storytelling)
12:00 4th Wall Ensemble (music+dance+storytelling)
12:30 Karen Kovacik (Indiana State poet laureate)
1:00 Matthew Jackson (poetry)
1:30 Shayne Laughter (fiction)
2:00 Anne Haines (poetry)
2:30 5 Women Poets (poetry)
3:00 Nell Weatherwax (story comedy)
3:30 Tony Roberts (fiction)
4:00 Erin Livingston (poetry)
4:30 Abegunde (fiction)
5:00 Jason Ammerman (poetry)
5:30 Reservoir Dogwoods (poetry group)
Tony Brewer, Matthew Jackson, Jason Ammerman

10:30 Eric Rensberger (poetry)
11:00 Samrat Upadhyay (fiction)
11:30 B-ton Storytellers Guild (storytelling)
12:00 Tony Brewer (poetry)
12:30 Kid Kazooey (spoken word/music)
1:00 Patsy Rahn (poetry)
1:30 Firehouse Theatre LIVE (radio theatre)
2:00 Tom Hastings (poetry)
2:30 Nell Weatherwax (story comedy)
3:00 James Dorr (vampire poetry and prose)
3:30 Brewhouse Poets (In-Ky poetry group)
Christopher R. Blair, Kristen Marie Brecht, Angela Elles, Michael Jackman, Nancy Chen Long, Joel Nelson, Drew Pomeroy
4:05 Shana Ritter (poetry)
4:30 Alex Chambers (poetry/fiction)

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