A new blog over yonder…

Well, I know THIS blog isn’t exactly swimming in current updates, but I’ve started a new one nonetheless. Crazy? Maybe. The new blog, 5000 Miles, is specifically for me to write about my live-music-related travels (and of course the actual concerts as well). Here’s what I wrote on the “about” page for that blog:


It all started … Well, it all started years ago, really. But the idea for this blog started with this tweet, when I did the math and realized that I had driven over 5000 miles to see live music in 2016:

Which led to being contacted by a writer for the “Inside IU” newsletter, who thought it was interesting that I’d traveled that much for concerts, and asked if I’d be willing to be interviewed for a profile. (Slow news day, much?) When that was published, friends and colleagues told me they enjoyed reading it. I already had a (much-neglected) blog that included occasional concert reviews, but a couple of people suggested that I should write a more travelogue-type blog, talking about where I eat and stay and maybe travel tips for others who for some inexplicable reason aren’t in the habit of hopping in the car and driving a few hundred miles for a rock show.

So, why not. We’ll see how this goes. I’ll use this blog to write about the travel itself as well as about the actual shows. I’ll write a bit about the food I find along the way – though, fair warning, I am not really a foodie and I’m usually very happy with a plate of fish & chips and a local beer before a show, or whatever I can find near the venue. I’ll write about the travel, when I go out of town – the road, the hotels, whatever – and I’ll write about the venues, hopefully offering tips that may be useful to other concert-goers. And of course I’ll write about the music, though I make no pretense to being a critic.

It’s early in the year as I write this, and I don’t know if I’ll hit 5000 miles like I did in 2016 – but I’ve got some shows lined up, and I look forward to sharing the fun.

The highway is alive tonight…

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