Upcoming: Fourth Street Festival

Once again this year, I’ll be taking part in the Spoken Word Stage at the Fourth Street Festival of Arts & Crafts in lovely downtown Bloomington – reading for about 20 minutes at 2 pm on Saturday. Stop by if you’re in the area! You can find all the details on my events page.

Two years ago, it was about 93 million degrees outside during the festival, and without any shade, I just about keeled over while reading. I’m told I stayed upright, though I don’t really remember. Last year, the remnants of Hurricane Isaac dumped a ton of rain on us the weekend of the festival, and the Spoken Word Stage was cancelled. Here’s hoping for a wee bit more cooperation from Mama Nature this weekend, eh? (As of now it looks like 90-ish degrees with a 30% chance of rain, but this is Indiana, so who knows.)

I love the Fourth Street Festival; in 1979 when I was a starry-eyed freshman I stumbled into it somehow, and have managed to get to the festival every year since then, even the year I was recuperating from surgery and kind of stumbled through for a few minutes clutching my incision. I don’t always buy anything, but I wouldn’t miss this event.

Haven’t yet figured out what I’m going to read – lively and humorous poems tend to work better than ones that require quiet listening and contemplation, so… we shall see what I can come up with. I’ll probably read a couple of the poems about my fictional rockstar, and maybe some surprises, who knows?

Here’s the complete list of spoken-word performers for the weekend:

10:30 Alyce Miller (fiction)
11:00 Jack Ramey (poetry)
11:30 B-ton Storytellers Guild (storytelling)
12:00 4th Wall Ensemble (music+dance+storytelling)
12:30 Karen Kovacik (Indiana State poet laureate)
1:00 Matthew Jackson (poetry)
1:30 Shayne Laughter (fiction)
2:00 Anne Haines (poetry)
2:30 5 Women Poets (poetry)
3:00 Nell Weatherwax (story comedy)
3:30 Tony Roberts (fiction)
4:00 Erin Livingston (poetry)
4:30 Abegunde (fiction)
5:00 Jason Ammerman (poetry)
5:30 Reservoir Dogwoods (poetry group)
Tony Brewer, Matthew Jackson, Jason Ammerman

10:30 Eric Rensberger (poetry)
11:00 Samrat Upadhyay (fiction)
11:30 B-ton Storytellers Guild (storytelling)
12:00 Tony Brewer (poetry)
12:30 Kid Kazooey (spoken word/music)
1:00 Patsy Rahn (poetry)
1:30 Firehouse Theatre LIVE (radio theatre)
2:00 Tom Hastings (poetry)
2:30 Nell Weatherwax (story comedy)
3:00 James Dorr (vampire poetry and prose)
3:30 Brewhouse Poets (In-Ky poetry group)
Christopher R. Blair, Kristen Marie Brecht, Angela Elles, Michael Jackman, Nancy Chen Long, Joel Nelson, Drew Pomeroy
4:05 Shana Ritter (poetry)
4:30 Alex Chambers (poetry/fiction)

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