Upcoming: 4th St. Festival

4th St Festival logoThanks to the organizing efforts of Tony Brewer and the Bloomington Writers’ Guild, last year saw the inauguration of a cool new event here in south-central Indiana – the Spoken Word Stage at the annual 4th Street Festival of Arts & Crafts (Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day Weekend).

I say “cool” event, but last year, it was about 102 degrees and the “stage” consisted of a microphone in the middle of the street with some chairs in front of it for the hypothetical audience – all in full sun. Needless to say, it was not the largest audience I have ever read in front of. In fact, it was probably about the closest I’ve ever come to actually passing out while reading. It was a great idea, though, and I’m pleased to have been asked to read again this year. We’ll have a canopy over us this time, as well as some shade for the audience, so we shouldn’t see a repeat of last year’s heat-stroke special. (Although Tropical Storm Isaac may deliver us some rain right about then, which – while desperately needed; we are still officially in an “exceptional drought” condition – would be kind of a bummer. But hey, canopy!)

So if you are in or near Bloomington, Indiana – stop by! The 4th Street Festival (located, oddly enough, on 4th St. between Indiana and Lincoln) is one of my favorite events every year anyway; it features arts and crafts from Indiana and around the country, much of it really nice, as well as music and dance performances in addition to the Spoken Word Stage. There are a bunch of great folks slated to perform – here’s the schedule:

SATURDAY, Sept. 1, 10am – 6p
11:00 Jenny Kander & Friends (poetry)
11:30 B-ton Storytellers Guild (storytelling)
12:00 Cardinal Stage Company (theatre)
12:30 Ross Gay (poetry)
1:00 Shana Ritter (poetry)
1:30 Reservoir Dogwoods (poetry)
2:00 5 Women Poets (poetry)
2:30 Anne Haines (poetry)
3:00 4th Wall Ensemble (hybrid)
3:30 Tony Brewer (poetry)
4:00 Matthew Jackson (poetry)
4:30 Fig Tree Fellowship Radio Players (audio theatre)
5:00 Women Writing for (a) Change (Beth Lodge-Rigal) (poetry)

SUNDAY, Sept. 2, 10a – 5p
11:00 Eric Rensberger (poetry)
11:30 Joseph Kerschbaum (poetry)
12:00 Cardinal Stage Company (theatre)
12:30 Elsa Marston (children’s fiction)
1:00 Antonia Matthew & Friends (poetry)
1:30 Joy Shane Laughter (fiction)
2:00 Michael Mlekoday (poetry)
2:30 B-ton Storytellers Guild (storytelling)
3:00 Arbutus Cunningham (storytelling)
3:30 Free Range Poets (poetry)
4:00 Erin Livingston (poetry)
4:30 Patsy Rahn (poetry)

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